Big and Little

Posted By: Teresa Date Posted: November 22nd, 2017

Thanksgiving Day usually makes me think of “big” thanks.  Thank you, Lord, for my home and food to eat every day.  Thank you for health and safety, the air that I breath and every move that I make.  Thank you for the freedoms we have in the United States, most importantly the freedom to worship you, speak of you, spread the Gospel… Thank you for family, friends, and my community.  Thank you for my church, the body of believers that I am to co-labor with for Your glory. Oh so many BIG thanks, the list could go on and on.  These big thanks are truly important.


More often I need to slow down and be thankful for the “little” thanks, equally as important to me.  For example, I am thankful my oldest daughter texted me today to ask me to pray for her and that I was able to call her to talk and pray. I am grateful for a sweet, dear friend’s card that came in the mail to encourage me.  I am grateful for smiles from my children and a husband who gives me hugs. I thankful most of my children are also children of God. (I still pray God will open the eyes and hearts of my other children to His Truth.) I am grateful I can be a stay-at-home mom, even when the laundry is enormous. I am thankful for the times God helps me see a little more connection with my kids from hard places. Again, the list is endless.


I pray everyone who reads this on this usually busy, full day can be truly overwhelmed with gratitude to our good, good Father who loves us.