Learn to do what is right. Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the case of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow and orphan. Isaiah 1:17

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At OneVision, we are a family. A family of 61 kids, 8 mommies, a fearless leader, a handful of teachers, a few security guards and maintenance managers, a couple cooks, friends from afar, and one MIGHTY God. We love one another, protect one another, and care for one another. We do life together – in the highs and the lows, the messy and the neat, the easy and the hard.  Yes, we are a family.


Currently at the OneVision Haiti orphanage there are 33 girls and 28 boys, ranging from the age of 1 to 16. The road that brought each of them here varies from one to the next, however the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 and the heartbreaking poverty which still plagues much of Haiti are two of the most prominent factors. While each of them carries a heavy history – some more traumatic than others – they are all growing in incredible ways. It doesn’t take long for their unique personalities to shine forth or for their smiles to capture a heart. Some of them have high hopes to be doctors and nurses, teachers and accountants, mechanics and engineers, while others are still set on becoming superstars! They’re surrounded, daily, with the love of Jesus and being taught the Gospel message and Bible stories. While some are still simply soaking it in, others are entirely on fire for the Lord. They love to sing and dance and play. They all have unique styles and setbacks, gifts and talents, interests and dislikes. Some are soccer stars, some are artists, some are musicians, some are masters of braiding hair. They fight, like brothers and sisters do, but they also look out for one another, like brothers and sisters should.

Visit Your Opportunity to learn more about our kids and read each child’s individualized profile.
Also, check out this video clip for a glimpse into a morning of spontaneous praise – first a song in Creole, and then a second in English!!

Translation: I know what Jesus does for me. He restores me. He sanctifies me. He strengthens me. He purifies me. He forgives my sins. He gave me a family. He gives me friends. He heals me. He washes me. He saves me.  –Praise the Lord!!


These 8 powerful women serve as the caregivers at the orphanage – better known as “the mommies”. They are live-in caregivers and give their hearts to these kids. They are responsible for making sure each child’s needs are met – physically, spiritually and emotionally – and forming relationships as if each little boy or girl was their own. They organize games, activities, and intentional play time. They make sure kids are well-rested and well-fed. They discipline, redirect, and help each kid to grow into a healthy young adult. While they all work together to create a safe, secure, and loving atmosphere in the overall orphanage, they also focus in on a smaller group of kids, known as their “family unit”. The mommies are encouraged to invest deeply in the lives of the kids and be intentional with their time in order to build up bonds. One day with the kids and the mommies will make you sure of this: they, like us, have smooth days and rough days, but they love each other well.


Because there is a school right on the orphanage site, OneVision Haiti also employs 6 teachers – one not pictured. These teachers work to meet the educational needs of the kids, but they also spend much time playing tag, chasing a soccer ball, drawing, singing, and dancing with the kids. Although teachers, they too are part of the family.


Alongside the caregivers and the teachers, are many other incredible staff members – only a few of which are pictured. Multiple Haitian men and women work together to maintain the maintenance demands, provide security, keep the property clean, drive vehicles, organize services, pastor the church, work with leadership groups, prepare meals, clean clothes, and organize finances — just to name a few. The orphanage could not run without the willingness and support of each of these member.


Dr. Francisco Noel is referred to as “Papa” by many of the young boys and girls running around the property. Having accepted a call from the Lord a few years ago, he has invested his life, not only into this orphanage, but into these kids. His spirit is fervent and his compassion is consistent. He has willingly and wholeheartedly offered himself up to be used the Lord, however He sees fit. Katelyn’s Fund has come alongside him in the journey, first as prayer partners and second as financial supporters, and we could not be more excited to see what God is preparing to do.