Learn to do what is right. Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the case of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow and orphan. Isaiah 1:17

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Katelyn’s Fund Calling into Orphanage Partnership


Throughout the first three years of ministry, the Lord had been very gracious in showing His favor to the Katelyn’s Fund ministry – establishing a Board, providing for grants, pulling together support teams and prayer teams, aligning partners, and opening doors for Orphan Sunday.

As 2008 came to an end, the board spent much time in reflection, praying about the impact the Lod was making and the opportunities He was giving to both churches and families stepping forward.  It was a season of celebration! Yet, as we praised Him for these great movements, our hearts were burdened for the children that continued to wait without the opportunity to come into a family.

It was with this, heavy on our spirits, that they begun really asking and praying for His leading in what this meant for Katelyn’s Fund. We entered a fresh time of seeking, trusting, and taking steps of faith. We prayed, read new books on international orphan care, talked with others involved in ethical caring of orphans, and continued to listen.

In 2010, during our season of seeking and search, we were introduced to OneVision Haiti. As we researched and asked questions, we began to see the Father unfolding His desire for our role in walking with this orphanage at this time.

As a board of directors, we took a plane towards Haiti in 2011 to confirm in person that this was His plan for our partnership.  We were quickly affirmed in this and soon after began a partnership with the One Vision Haiti Orphanage. For four years, to date, Katelyn’s Fund has been walking alongside this ministry and supporting their on-the-ground efforts.

We feel a commitment to the children as well as the care they are being provided with. It has been a joy to be able to take part in teaching and training with the staff while building relationships with the children. We are striving to provide care that enables long term restoration, not short term relief. We know this will take time and commitment, with much grace and understanding, but we are dedicated to the work the Lord is doing. We have a wonderful staff in Haiti that has embraced the opportunities to learn and grow, and we see them being empowered in what He is doing in and through them.  We know it is a journey and transition but we are so encouraged to be working with others that desire to walk with excellence, striving to bring hope, healing, and wholeness to the children through His grace.

We have been on the ground with our Haitian partners nearly four times per year since 2011, and we intend to continue with relationship building and staff training. We trust He will continue to provide direction for building needs and great outpouring of wisdom as we seek His leading in caring for these precious ones.

Most recently, we have developed a sponsorship program to help be a bridge in the physical needs being meet. Again, the goal of our efforts and our partnership is to usher in what we believe is the desire of His heart: RESTORATION, beyond relief.  We know that sometimes we need to meet the physical needs in the short term in order to be able to meet the deeper needs long term, and we hope you’ll partner in helping us do so.