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Open Handed

Posted By: linsey Posted In: Faith Date Posted: December 1st, 2017

It has been too long since I have written a blog post (due to me forgetting to post when I am scheduled!) and I had every intention to post yesterday when I was scheduled! Ahh but life happens and my days are full, in the best way, with 3 small children, college athletes that need to hear the Gospel, a staff team that needs care, and neighbors and a church community to invest in.


As I slow down and sit to write I am thinking about how incredible it is that families not only consider adoption but actually wrestle with what God may be leading them to. I have two families in my life right now that are in this place. There is a sizable gap between the amount of people who say they want to adopt and how many actually adopt. Continue Reading

Support Meeting – December 2017 [Sioux Center]

Posted By: Heather Posted In: Support Meetings Date Posted: November 29th, 2017

All adoptive and foster moms are invited to join us next week Thursday for our December Support Meeting!

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Big and Little

Posted By: Teresa Posted In: Holidays Date Posted: November 22nd, 2017

Thanksgiving Day usually makes me think of “big” thanks.  Thank you, Lord, for my home and food to eat every day.  Thank you for health and safety, the air that I breath and every move that I make.  Thank you for the freedoms we have in the United States, most importantly the freedom to worship you, speak of you, spread the Gospel… Thank you for family, friends, and my community.  Thank you for my church, the body of believers that I am to co-labor with for Your glory. Oh so many BIG thanks, the list could go on and on.  These big thanks are truly important.


More often I need to slow down and be thankful for the “little” thanks, Continue Reading

Orphan Sunday 2017

Posted By: Heather Posted In: Katelyn's Fund Events, Orphans Date Posted: November 15th, 2017

Katelyn’s Fund – Orphan Ministry will be gathering together this Sunday at 1st Reformed Church in Sioux Center for Orphan Sunday 2017.  Zawadi and Erin Morrow will share how adoption has touched their lives.

Katelyn’s Fund Grant Recipients and monthly Support Meeting attendees please click on the following link to sign up for a meal after the service:  http://www.katelynsfund.org/community/events/orphan-Sunday

Come join us as we seek God’s heart in caring for orphans!

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Join us at the Katelyn’s Fund Auction!

Posted By: Heather Posted In: Katelyn's Fund Events Date Posted: November 1st, 2017

The Katelyn’s Fund Auction is this Friday, November 3 at New Life Reformed Church in Sioux Center!

Doors will open at 5:30 pm with a meal served from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and the auction beginning at 6:30 pm.

Childcare and activities are also provided!

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Posted By: niki Posted In: Adoption Musings Date Posted: October 28th, 2017

In the last little while, some of my teen kids have said things like this:  Can you imagine what life would be like if we hadn’t adopted…….if we had stopped with….(insert name).  My teens are living interesting lives.  More time away from home and with friends, focusing on leaving the nest rather than living in the nest, etc.  Tonight it came up again.  Our number 4 has significant ADHD and life with her is like living in a tornado.  All the time.  My 15yr old son tonight said, I think if we hadn’t adopted, life would have been…..cleaner. Continue Reading

The Truth About Why Adoptive Parents Need Support

Posted By: sarah Posted In: Post adoption Date Posted: October 19th, 2017

“How do meals help families returning home from adopting a new child?”  One of my friends came to visit us after we had returned home from Thailand with our daughter and asked this sincere question.  It’s true, I think most people don’t fully understand the stress that an adjustment period brings when a new child is added to a family through adoption.  Most can identify with bringing home a new infant and how much work and weary that can be; but few really understand adoption unless they have walked the same road.

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October Support Meeting [Sioux Center] + Bible Study

Posted By: Heather Posted In: Support Meetings Date Posted: October 11th, 2017

Everyone is welcome to join us in Sioux Center next week Thursday for our Bible Study: The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.

Reminder: Hope you can join us in Sioux Center tomorrow night for our October Adoption Support Meeting!

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Adoption Support Meeting – October 2017 [Sioux Center]

Posted By: Heather Posted In: Support Meetings Date Posted: October 4th, 2017

Everyone is welcome to join us in Sioux Center next week Thursday for our October Support Meeting!

Darcie Van Voorst is excited to be with us again as we continue the journey in bringing hope and healing to our families!  This month our topic will be “The truth is… understanding the brain.”

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Grace when it is hard.

Posted By: niki Posted In: General Parenting Date Posted: September 30th, 2017

My sweet husband and I were able to leave town overnight yesterday.  My mom could help, and one kiddo had a birthday party sleepover….the older kids all had plans.  We left town shortly after lunch time yesterday and were home by 4pm today.  In theory, this is a manageable thing.  In reality….we managed.  The kids did great.   They had fun on their sleep-overs.  They behaved great….until we all got home.  My husband and I had a blast.  We laughed, we held hands, we relaxed.  We ate really great food and saw a movie and slept well in the hotel……until we got home.


Tantrums, acting out, screaming and crying and being disobedient…..telling me I am the worst mom ever…..and generally just releasing the pressure valve of the 24 hour steam tank.  It just sucks.  It was like the entire unwinding, relaxing get-away  just blew up in my face and unraveled all night long.  Doggon it.  I took the trash out to the garage and literally beat the garbage bag against the can in frustration.  No harm, no foul…….


I knew this would come as a response to being away for 26 hours but I did not have the armor to shield against the attack.  4 hours later, the kids are asleep and I am exhausted.  Its just so hard, isn’t it?

And then we remember that there is grace.  Grace to wake up tomorrow and smile at my children and make breakfast and sing songs and get ready for church.  Grace to spend much-needed quality time with the little people here, and to make sure that their cups are filled up again before we start a new week.  Grace to not feel bitter or resentful for how much work it is to raise up children to be good human beings…..Grace to find Sabboth rest and not be mad at God Almighty for making it so hard.


Grace to remember that He feels the same way about loving me on many days…..but He loves me in spite of my difficult nature, my complaining, my tantrums and my troubles……Grace to accept His unconditional love and to beg Him to pour it out into me as well on these hard days.