Learn to do what is right. Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the case of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow and orphan. Isaiah 1:17

Ministry Teams - Katelyn's Fund | Orphan Ministry

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Support Meetings

Sioux Center, Iowa Meetings
First Reformed Church
Fireside Room
160 10th Street SE
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Sioux Falls, SD Meetings
Central Baptist Church
3102 W Ralph Rogers Road
Sioux Fall, SD 57108

Just as each of us has one body with many parts, and these parts do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each (part) member belongs to all the others.

Romans 12:4-5


We are the body of Christ serving together to do the work put before us with Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Ministry. I would love to introduce you to the ministry teams that compose the body of Katelyn’s Fund and their primary roles. We are completely a lay ministry, with no salaries given, collectively we serve Him through the things that we do, each part of equal value and each part a key component of the whole bodies’ success. We praise God for our unique parts and the intricacy of His design. It is amazing to see how God has knit these teams together to be one body and how He uses and equips each one. I am so very grateful for each person who serves on the ministry team so diligently. These men and women give their time freely to serve families and bring Him glory.


To adhere to the core mission of Katelyn’s Fund and make sure our foundation and deeds are done for His glory. To oversee financial aspects of the ministry, to review applications, interview families, and pray for His wisdom in disbursement of grant monies. Speak at events and services to bring awareness of the needs of the orphan and to show God‘s faithfulness to those who trust in Him. To contact businesses and churches and build partnerships to help bring children into Christian families. To train and equip leaders in an orphan care partner orphanage, to facilitate aftercare options for children “aging out” and transitioning, and to lead churches to orphan care partnerships. To pray for the needs of the families, children, and the church.




To uphold families’ specific needs before our Father and to pray specifically for each families’ unique needs. To pray for conviction and moving of the Holy Spirit to open hearts to the needs of the orphan. To pray for all aspects of the ministry and each team. To pray for our supporters and partners and that God will open others‘ hearts to the ministry. To pray for orphan events, needed financial provisions from Him, for our partner orphanage, and for freedom of oppression and the reclaiming of His children. To pray for the needs of families, children, and the church.




To be the hands and feet of Christ through service to those following His call to adopt. To plan, prepare, and facilitate monthly support meetings, family nights, annual family events. To help work at events, mission fairs, and festivals. To educate and share more about the ministry, needs of the orphan, and adoptive families. To facilitate book studies, train families in attachment/bonding with their children, and alert families to resources available.To encourage families who are praying about adoption or foster care, are in the process of adopting or fostering, or are transitioning families. To pray for the needs of the families, children, and the church.


 Sioux Center Support



Sioux Falls Support


Sioux Falls Team



To use their knowledge of adoption and resources to equip and encourage others. To write blog entries from personal experiences and share wisdom from their families’ adoption experiences and their vast reservoirs of knowledge in ways to walk the adoption journey. To pray for the needs of families, children, and the church.




To create and maintain the ministries website and blog. To train and equip team members to utilize technology to reach and impact others. To develop and use resources to assist teams, to interact with families and other ministry partners. To pray for the needs of families, children, and the church.