Adoption Support Meeting – October 2017 [Sioux Center]

Posted By: Heather Date Posted: October 4th, 2017

Everyone is welcome to join us in Sioux Center next week Thursday for our October Support Meeting!

Darcie Van Voorst is excited to be with us again as we continue the journey in bringing hope and healing to our families!  This month our topic will be “The truth is… understanding the brain.”

Here is a note from Darcie about our October meeting: In order to understand a child’s behaviors, you have to understand the brain.  The truth is….a lot of our children’s behavioral issues are actually brain issues.  I am beyond excited for our October meeting where we will be learning about the differences that happen to a child’s brain if they did not receive optimal development.  We will then look at how these differences in their brains impact their behaviors.  Learning about the brain was my biggest “ah-ha” moment in parenting….the struggles we were having with our children started to make sense.  We will then discuss the two main causes of behaviors and look at how we can alleviate these behaviors.  Our focus will be responding to the cause of the behaviors rather than responding to the behaviors.  It is my hope that this month’s meeting will be a major turning point in your parenting….because once you understand the brain, you can begin parenting in a whole new way….