Posted By: niki Date Posted: May 27th, 2017

Matthew 5:5 says Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.  The meek……not the leaders, or the politicians, or the mothers or the teachers or the doctors.  The meek.  Blessed are the meek…..Webster’s Dictionary says meek is:  having or showing a quiet and gentle nature; not wanting to fight or argue with other people.  Blessed are the meek.

I want to be meek.  I want to be quiet and gentle…….I don’t want to feel easily offended, or prone to argue.  I don’t want to feel proud, like I always know what is right, because I don’t.  I want to be meek.

Children are born quiet and gentle and are only taught to fight and argue…….and isn’t it so much easier to teach them to fight and argue, than to be quiet and gentle?  I am sitting here now, thinking about the day we have had so far and there has been so much more fighting and arguing than quiet and gentleness.

Lord Jesus, please empower me with the skill to be gentle and quiet…..and to war against the fighting and arguing.  Let me be the vessel in this home, in my community and in my church that presents itself as a gentle, quiet and meek person, desiring obedience and humility.  Change everything in me that stands against this blessing from you, Lord.  As you continue to break my heart for all that makes you hurt, also break my human nature to be gentle and quiet in You, Father God.

Whenever I read this verse I think of the children, the babies, as the meek….and they certainly are.  The helpless ones, the ones with no voice, the ones who need our help.  They are the meek.  God chooses to bless them.  We, who are called to foster and adopt, choose to parent them and we are flawed….we make so many mistakes…..and we don’t have all the answers to ease the pain and suffering our adopted children face.  We don’t have the answer about a birth father, or a reason a mom chose to place for adoption, or how to reassure a sweet 4 year old boy who looks up at me while I am standing at the kitchen stove and says, “I guess my birth mom didn’t want me” with his bottom lip stuck out.  No matter how many ways I tell him that she did….she did want him…..and no matter how many tears I have fresh to cry over his pain and the loss they both have experienced…..I don’t have enough words.  I do have this prayer……Lord God in Heaven…..make me meek.

I want to be meek so I can hear your voice.
I want to be meek so I can bear your choice….
I want to be meek so that I will humbly be
All that you wish for me.  Lord, make me meek.